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Sad day for America
Redwolf5150 - 26-8-2009 at 15:16

Ted Kennedy Family senator, patriarch, dead at 77

LSemmens - 26-8-2009 at 16:12

He was certainly part of American Nobility. His input into American life will be sadly missed.

Redwolf5150 - 26-8-2009 at 16:24

A bunch of my Facebook friends from Massachusetts who normally don't react much to when a public figure dies admitted to shedding tears this morning.

One said it's a shame he didn't live long enough to see Health Care Reform pass, as it was one of his last issues he was very involved with.

DeWitch - 27-8-2009 at 14:17

It is very sad

liz - 28-8-2009 at 01:33

My state is in mourning.