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Bill Clinton secures pardon for North Korean "spies"
scholar - 5-8-2009 at 03:39

Two female jouralists had been sentenced to twelve years in prison in North Korea. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton had previously publicly apologized. Later, Bill Clinton personally met with the dictator. These are said to have been the two conditions which the US had to meet--an apology, and a personal visit by a high-level, important person from the U.S.--to get the ladies released.

There is no doubt that the Obama administration is behind this, and they deserve credit for it. The final decision and approval, of course, had to rest with President Obama himself.

Well done. kewl_glasses

Redwolf5150 - 5-8-2009 at 04:14

Sometimes even dictators just wanna be hugged, you know.


Took 'gnads on Bill's part to do this. Props to him for doing it.

scholar - 6-8-2009 at 17:03

An additional note--President Clinton did not agrandize himself. He did what was necessary for his mission, but he did not act as if he wanted to hog the spotlight as a hero. He stayed in the background while the ladies went before the press.

Congratulations to him. doffs_cap

LSemmens - 6-8-2009 at 17:11

This must be a Red Letter day AOT RW day! Scholar and RW on the same side in the politics thread!!!!!! :shocked_yellowshocked_yellowshocked_yellow

scholar - 10-8-2009 at 00:53

A couple of additional points:

The journalists were sent by Al Gore's network to get scandalous video footage of how people are treated in North Korea, without permission of the dictator. While they were not spies in the sense of government agents, they were trying to sneak through to get material embarrassing to the government, and so were afoul of the law in this totalitarian dictatorship. In this sense,they were not innocent. It was foolish of them to try to do so, at such high risk. It is not as if the world would be surprised to find that a Communist dictator does not protect his people's rights.

Applause to Al Gore, who was reportedly in touch with the familes DAILY, and very involved in trying to get the journalists back. Instead of trying to distance himself from the problem, he showed real heart and empathy for the journalists and their families. He also expressed appreciation to President Clinton (the two of them have not been close--Gore blames Clinton's scandals for his own loss, since he came so very close to winning; Clinton blames Gore for "dropping the ball" when Clinton had been popular for much of his own presidency).

I have heard four different Republicans say that, while they are happy the journalists are rescued, it is regrettable because Kim got his way. What a load of garbage! If it was the right thing to do, you accept the bad for the sake of the good, and don't whine about it. Clinton, Clinton, and Obama did the right thing, and were successful. Good for them! It takes courage to do the right thing in the face of likely criticism, and it takes some humility to do it as they did. doffs_cap