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Humor on Obama/Democrat Health Care Program
scholar - 1-8-2009 at 16:15

Since Obama told the person whose 100-year-old mother had a heart arrhythmia, requiring a pacemaker, that perhaps she should just have taken pain medication instead [this part is trueshocked_yellow. Obama said this, even though the questioner said his mother had gotten the operation and lived with vitality at age 105, and even though one doesn't treat arrhythmia with pain medication], Obama's approval rating has been falling, and more older Americans have turned against the "health" plan, which includes end-of-life counseling every five years for older Americans.

According to the American humor show "Wait, wait, don't tell me," this has been characterized as the government showing up at your door when you are old and asking you how you would like to die. Obama is said to have countered, "That's not true--in our plan, we TELL you how you're going to die."

In the Senate, Democrats writing the legislation have become deadlocked between two groups, the left-wing Democrats who want to abandon old people on ice floes, and the left-left-wing Democrants who want to grind old people into mulch.

Daz - 1-8-2009 at 21:06

All very well moaning now, but they (US public) voted him in, so tough luck. and frankly, between the choice of McCain and Obama, I know who I'd have picked every time, and it wouldn't have been McCain.

It also says much about your country that, you don't seemingly vote on policy, but are more focused on persona instead.

Its done now, so "pop a cap in his ass" or suck it up. brshteeth

scholar - 1-8-2009 at 22:19

Originally posted by Daz
It also says much about your country that, you don't seemingly vote on policy, but are more focused on persona instead.
Actually, when given a clear choice between policies, I think many people chose between policies. However, in the last presidential election, there were two problems along those lines:

1--Obama ran with one set of policy positions during the primaries, and an opposite set during the actual Presidential campaign. If you read blogs from his supporters, each tended to credit him with being sincere on the position which agreed with theirs, and imagined he was only going through the motions when he said he held the contrary position.

2--With respect to some major issues, both candidates held the same policy position. For excample, Obama and McCain both supported the government Wallstreet bailout. If the Republicans had chosen a conservative candidate who opposed government intervention, it would have given the voters a choice. Similarly, Obama and McCain each favored a path to amnesty for illegal immigrants. If the Republicans had chosen someone who favored enforcing the laws and closing the border, there would have been a real choice in that policy area. Obama and McCain both favored some form of cap-and-trade. If the Republicans had chosen someone who was not in favor of handicaping our economy in that way, we would have had two positions from which to chose.