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Anybody know about this SaferWeb thing?
scholar - 21-7-2016 at 23:41


I clicked on what looked to be an informational link about internet protection. I suspect it was just an advert that looked like an information link.

Since I don't know about it, I had the thought--this could be a poor product, or even malware. But, it could be legitimate.

Do any of you have information?

Katzy - 22-7-2016 at 09:48

Avoid, like the plague (Or Trump).

It's a scam. They claim that "As part of the special promotion due to end March 19, 2016, a group of Microsoft Gold Engineers teamed up with innovative new software provider SaferWeb, to provide the latest ID Protection that's just gone viral.". Microsoft said "er... no, we did no such thing".

marymary100 - 22-7-2016 at 12:10

A bate and switch scam by most accounts. You sign up to one thing and end up getting charged for a two year contract as an up front payment. The support service is unhelpful and the connection unstable.

I'm curious though about why you want to hide your identity?

LSemmens - 22-7-2016 at 12:43

Please check with Mr. Google first.

scholar - 22-7-2016 at 13:19

Thank you all for your warnings, I'll leave it alone.

MM, I didn't read the supposed advantages in detail. I thought, "I won't consider it unless my friends at KF give me the green light."