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Email harvesting question
LSemmens - 12-12-2013 at 00:42

I've been given a PC to sort out spamtards on. Something has been sending e-mails posing as their address and, of course, it is getting about 100 bounced messages a day. I've re-loaded the system, changed their e-mail acct password and it is still getting bounced messages. now to the Questions

1. how long should I expect this to continue before changing e-mail address entirely.

2. I've changed the password and can access the acct via Windoze Mail but it won't accept either the new, or old password when I try to log into the acct live, work that one out. I even tried copying the password from a password cracker program just in case I got it wrong, but, no, still cannot log in when live but can log in using mail.


waffler - 12-12-2013 at 00:43