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pop ups in google chrome
Dreamweaver - 1-8-2013 at 00:02

I am getting shopping/advertising pop ups in google chrome, but not in firefox. Is there somewhere in google chrome I can heighten security settings to stop them?

PS It also highlights certain words and phrases in a sentence. E.G If the word "question" appears and I mouse over it, it will show a survey.
Ihave ran malware and deeproot scans but nothing is coming up....

LSemmens - 1-8-2013 at 01:21

From some of my research, it appears to be some "helpful" extensions that have been installed in Chrome, have a look at the extensions installed and see if there are any you don't recognise.

Dreamweaver - 1-8-2013 at 07:44

Thanks Leigh,

Although I only use the basics in google, it seems a relative had d/loaded arcade games without restricting it. and yes there was an extension, deleted it now and all seems well :) x

LSemmens - 1-8-2013 at 23:58

Pleased to hear it. I'm glad it was a simple fix. It might be worth performing a MalwareBytes scan now, just to make sure.

Dreamweaver - 2-8-2013 at 22:52

Have done Leigh, but even prior to finding the "add on" it didn't show on any scan I did :( x

LSemmens - 3-8-2013 at 01:50

As it was an add on, it would have appeared to be a genuine thing. I'm not sure if any of the current crop of things would have picked it. I haven't used Chrome at all, is there a setting in your preferences that can increase the security level or prevent unauthorised add ons?

Dreamweaver - 5-8-2013 at 23:10

NNot that I can see Leigh, but rest assured I am on "the case" xx