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VsMon chewing CPU!
LSemmens - 15-1-2012 at 11:11

VsMon.exe is a part of the Zone Alarm package and has suddenly decided to start using my CPU at close to 100%. So far I have yet to find a meaningful solution, but I will continue the search, meantime, be warned!

giron - 15-1-2012 at 14:07

Dump ZA, use Comodo Firewall instead - problem solved.

John_Little - 15-1-2012 at 14:10

Its not doing anything on mine, according to Task Manager.

Katzy - 15-1-2012 at 15:56

Any use?

http://server.iad.liveperson.net/hc/s-28464961/cmd/kbresource/kb-1055012546517923930/view_question!PAGETYPE?sq=high%2bcpu%2buse& amp;sf=101113&sg=0&st=95254&documentid=347104&action=view

giron - 15-1-2012 at 16:49

Is it really worthwhile wasting time trying to get ZA to work properly ?
Whilst it was a good program years ago it's nothing but bloatware now.

victor - 15-1-2012 at 20:36

svchost.exe chews mine on occasions.
Looking at task manager there are 8 svchost.exe running 4 under system 2 under network and 2 under local.

Pancake - 15-1-2012 at 22:01

Disabling Mail Safe should solve the problem. You have to restart the computer after disabling Mail Safe.

LSemmens - 17-1-2012 at 01:31

I tried to reply last night but KF fell over on me!

I know of mail safe, but cannot find reference to it anywhere on my system? Where is it?

Pancake - 17-1-2012 at 02:58

Should be a part of ZA.

LSemmens - 17-1-2012 at 10:06

Now I am worried, because that's where I went looking for it, but cannot find it on two of my machines running ZA! On thinking about it, it was an option in ZA setup which I chose to install, so it should be there!

Pancake - 17-1-2012 at 10:59

I would uninstall ZA and then reinstall it again.Or get another firewall likw Comodo.

LSemmens - 17-1-2012 at 11:15

That is my leanings too, mate. Pity, I tend to prefer the ZA interface, too bad!!!! Too sad!!!! no tears.

giron - 17-1-2012 at 15:12

It is ZoneAlarm Free Firewall you're talking about, isn't it Leigh ?

LSemmens - 17-1-2012 at 23:31

That was correct, Giron. Now it's comodo free firewall!:)

giron - 18-1-2012 at 10:01

Originally posted by LSemmens
Now it's comodo free firewall!:)

Keep us posted about how you get on with it.

LSemmens - 18-1-2012 at 22:25

so far so good