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Not sure what happened--ISP connection password box disappeared
scholar - 18-7-2010 at 04:25

I am running XP with a dial-up modem for my internet access, and the free version of Avast! for my antivirus protection.

One day, a box appeared that said my computer had a virus.

The next time I tried to log on to the internet, the means of doing so had changed. Previously, I had a shortcut for use to log on to my ISP, a company called Juno. A Windows box would come up which would offer me to log on as [my ISP nickname] and would ask for my password. I always typed in my password, and never authorized the machine to remember it (supply it automatically). It would then telephone the ISP and establish the connection.

Now, instead of offering my nickname, a box appears in which a text-box has the phone number of the ISP in it. (When I use the cursor to check for anything else on the list, it has another number, which I think the same Juno ISP has used for e-mail.) There is a button which I click, to make it dial. It does not ask for any password.

Yet, when the call is executed, the words of the progress report tell me when the ISP is authenticating my computer by checking if the password is correct--as if my computer is reporting a password which I did not enter this time.

With the present arrangement, my son could get on the internet through my computer, in my absence, without my permission.

Can I change it back to the way it was? Can I be sure the same password that I had before will work, or might a virus have changed the password without my knowledge? Might it be the case that I don't really have a virus of any damage, that the boxed message was the only effect (since I have not noticed any other problems, except the disappearing password)? Could my son have simply trned the password query off, in my absence, without my knowledge--and no virus?

Pancake - 19-7-2010 at 02:58

I think I can safely say that you problem is not malware related.

scholar - 19-7-2010 at 03:28

Thank you, Pancake.

That leads me to think someone in my house has made some changes when I was AwayFromKeyboard.;) I won't name any suspects.;)

Can someone tell me how to restore the type-in-the-password feature to my ISP connection process?

Daz - 19-7-2010 at 20:50

It'll be along these lines... Though maybe not exact, so allow for some leeway.


A permanent fix can be found here...