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HannibalL - 6-4-2008 at 11:37

Picked this up useing spynomore...its in my programe files and keeps bringing up pop ups..system alert you pc is infected etc and trying to change my home page...cant get rid please help its drivin me nutty...spynomore was a trial prog so wont rid the pc of it any help pleaaaase ty x

LSemmens - 6-4-2008 at 14:02

I'd be performing all the usual scans with all the other programs in your arsenal and then Post a HijackThis log for Pancake to peruse.

Katzy - 6-4-2008 at 18:12

If you have e-mule installed, it could well have been that that gave you NetProject.

If you boot into safe mode, you can simply delete the directory that NetProject's in. That should cure it, coz it's not too awful, compared to some of the stuff that people like Sony have inflicted on people.