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Is England really that bad?
LSemmens - 1-11-2017 at 09:45

Pakistani Christian ‘beaten by gang of Muslims’ for having poppies on his car

He said: ‘What you have to remember about this attack is that it has happened in Great Britain. It was not Pakistan or a predominantly Muslim country, it was in Great Britain.

‘These people are doing this openly, without any shame or any fear of the law.They are doing it because no one is catching them or stopping them.

‘I don’t know when they are going to kill someone in the streets. They are uncontrollable, these people. They are trying to force Islam into this country. They are trying to put their flag on to this country.

‘Because I am a kaffir (infidel), in their eyes, they have chosen me to attack. If I did something like this in Pakistan – trying to enforce Christianity through force – then me and my whole family would be in the police station being punished.

Katzy - 1-11-2017 at 11:06

I'm afraid it is.

In certain towns, the Asians are kicking the cr@p out of each-other, because one follows the teachings of one sect (Is that the right word?) of Islam, whilst the other follows another. "Christians" (Who are atheists, really) are kicking the sh1t out of anyone who's not white, Asians and West Indians are kicking the sh1t out of each other, too.

Of course, the Tories, not seeing any financial benefit in stopping it (Along with their policy of divide and conquer), have cut the plod force to below the bone. So, no, it's not being able to even try and stop it.

If I had the money and was fit enough, I'd emigrate to somewhere safer.

Like Beirut.

Religion, sadly, has a lot to answer for.

LSemmens - 1-11-2017 at 23:21

Sadly, there are many things done "In the name of God" that God has no part in.

Katzy - 2-11-2017 at 10:57

Oh, I'm sure.

If those people were truly religious and really stopped and thought, surely they'd realise "Hang on... God really wouldn't want me to be doing this...".

However, some seem to believe that their god actually wants them to rid the world of non-believers.

There are times when I'm glad that my time on Earth is going to be quite short, because what it's turning into doesn't seem like the kind of place I'd want to live in/on.

Theravad - 3-11-2017 at 15:54

There is such a fear of being branded racist (not that Islam is a race) that the "authorities" often will not act. The report into child grooming was a depressing inditement of councils and police paralysed by political correctness to investigate minority communities.

I have been branded "racist" for supporting controlled migration (UK is overpopulated vs energy/food/infrastructure) and I was not born in the UK and have a wife who hails from a different continent - go figure!