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Family bible rerturned to descendants
marymary100 - 5-8-2017 at 10:41



A 151-year-old Bible has been returned to the Scottish descendants of its original owner after making a 3,500 mile journey from the US.
The book was returned after American owner Marshall Whitehead decided to track down the family of the original owner.
It was eventually handed to Donald Mackechnie, 66, at his home in Glasgow.
The Bible had originally belonged to the great-grandfather of Mr Mackechnie's grandmother.
Mr Whitehead, who was gifted the pocket-sized book in 2001 by an amateur Bible collector from Cleveland, Ohio, had rediscovered it when moving home in May.
Noting that the Bible bore the name Alexander MacDonald of Inverness with the date 1 January, 1866, he decided to track down the descendants of Mr MacDonald, who was born in 1825 and worked as a ship master, wine merchant and grocer...

LSemmens - 5-8-2017 at 23:33

I trust that the descendants treat it with all due respect.

marymary100 - 6-8-2017 at 09:14

I think the significance of the effort to return it almost guarantees that. It will have historical importance even if they are not themselves religious.

I'm not sure if this is a thing elsewhere but in Scotland family bibles were passed down to the eldest son/child and used to record marriages/births/deaths. I will inherit our bible which goes back to the 1700s.

LSemmens - 7-8-2017 at 01:18

It is rare, here, but, in some cases, it does happen.