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History/Herritage or Satanic Conspiracy
Theravad - 7-4-2016 at 11:19

So when does preservation of history ( Palmyra temple reconstruction in London ) become an actual resurrection of the cult of Baal with accompanying child sacrifice?


marymary100 - 7-4-2016 at 19:18

I'll not lose any sleep over this before it happens. Will you?

scholar - 8-4-2016 at 01:28

The author notes that mankind has entered a period of time known in the Bible as "the last days."

In Peter's sermon on the first Pentecost after Jesus' ascension, he quoted a Scripture about the last days from Joel, and said that it was fulfilled (Acts 2). So, "the last days" have already lasted almost 2000 years.

LSemmens - 8-4-2016 at 05:49

I could probably make a few statements to support my theory that it signifies nothing, too.

For instance April 19th, 16th and 20th are different dates on my calendar so the significant occurrences on April the 19th have no relation to any that occur on other dates. FWIW, I probably farted on April the 19th, does that mean that the world is going die from too much methane in the atmosphere?

I'll make another unsupported statement. Scholar is the Antichrist. Now disprove it!