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Christian or Jewish funeral rites?
marymary100 - 7-11-2015 at 00:26

Seems a no brainer to me


A brother and sister who follow different faiths have gone to the high court to settle a dispute over how to conduct their mother’s funeral.

Iris Freud died on 12 October but her body remains in storage at West Middlesex University hospital in Isleworth because the siblings have been unable to agree on the mode and place of burial.

Susanna Levrant, 66, wants a traditional Church of England funeral for her late mother, with “familiar and much-loved hymns, and a rendition of If You Were the Only Girl in the World,which her father used to sing to the deceased,” the high court in London heard.

But her brother, David Freud, also in his 60s, insists their mother should have a “very austere” funeral, following Jewish mourning rites and without music. He also says she must be interred in a consecrated graveyard where “her burial will not be disturbed for hundreds of years”.

LSemmens - 7-11-2015 at 06:39

Silly question, but, where is dad buried? It would seem reasonable to have her buried with her hubby. Unless she had made a specific declaration for her demise, would that not seem the logical thing to do, given that they were only separated by death, not for any other reason. As for the manner of service, it would seem logical to follow through on her later life. i.e. if she rejected Judaism, but did not embrace Anglicanism, then a civil ceremony, or one in keeping with her current belief set, should be held.

marymary100 - 7-11-2015 at 10:14

I wonder if the judge ruled for a civil cremation they would come to their senses.

CoE seems like the right choice to me.

LSemmens - 8-11-2015 at 00:39

Maybe the judge could "Do a Solomon". Cut her in half and let the Son can bury half as he likes, and the daughter could do same.

scholar - 9-11-2015 at 01:34

She was baptized into the Christian faith and did not convert to Judaism. That says Christian burial to me.