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Notre Dame, Montreal
marymary100 - 12-8-2015 at 17:11

Pretty isn't it.

You can see why cathedrals became places of pilgrimage before the internet.

LSemmens - 13-8-2015 at 06:12

If you ever come down under, the Serbian Orthodox Church in Coober Pedy is well worth a visit.

[bad img]http://www.airadventure.com.au/files/content_gallery/main_613.JPG[/bad img]

video here

Do A google search on it there are heaps of other images.

marymary100 - 13-8-2015 at 08:31

My daughter took that shot. She's going to Brisbane at some point soon so it's possible she'll see some of the religious buildings on offer then. My favourite cathedral to date remains Notre Dame in Paris with York Minster a close second.

LSemmens - 14-8-2015 at 01:11

I have a daughter in Brisvegas, if she needs some pointers, she'll probably be glad to help.

Coober Pedy is several thousand miles from there, so she might not consider that one.