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Prayers requested for a relative in an auto crash
scholar - 3-8-2015 at 00:25

Here name is Kim J., and she is the mother of some of several young children whom I took to church this morning. Today's Divine Service also served as the closing program for this past week's Vacation Bible School, to which Ruby was taking 6 or seven children daily Monday-Friday, and I think the injured mother's children were cousins to some of those who attended. I showed up at the house to pick up Myracle and Dyanna, and found that another relative had taken them to our church already, but the four other children on whom they had made a favorable impression wanted to go, so they all piled into my car. There was an ice cream social after church.

So, the kids had a few things to do, other than worry about Mom or Aunt.

I heard one report, that Kim has at least one badly and painfully swollen knee, but no bones seem to have been broken, and no known internal injuries (brain or organ). After the swelling goes down, she may be released.

I assume the car was totalled.

LSemmens - 3-8-2015 at 02:27

Are sure that your entire family would not be safer in Iran or Iraq? ;) Of course I'll pray.