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Pants on fire
marymary100 - 16-1-2015 at 17:32

Liar, liar


Alex Malarkey said he visited heaven and met Jesus while in a coma for two months at age six following a car crash in 2004
Along with his father Kevin, he then wrote the best-selling book

Nominative determinism in action.

LSemmens - 17-1-2015 at 09:53

The name malarkey might have been a giveaway. I wonder, though, a) what his motivation was at the time it was written (a kid might want attention, but could he really be convincing for so long?) b) I note that the parents have recently separated, and the kid claims that they receive no benefit from the book, maybe dad is, and it is just a case of sour grapes?

Cynic? Moi????

marymary100 - 17-1-2015 at 10:43

Maybe the care costs were so much that they needed extra income? Still not right.

marymary100 - 10-8-2015 at 14:48

[bad img]http://i.imgur.com/41r8iQ2.jpg[/bad img]

More nominative determinism.