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marymary100 - 15-8-2014 at 16:59

I read something recently about angels which made them sound horrific in appearance.

I guess I've been more influenced by art than scripture.

What is your understanding of angels?

Badgergirl - 15-8-2014 at 19:07

Harps n Wings n Stuff usually.

They tend to come up in Pagan discussions but there's so much Tacky, Gooey nausuiating stuff about Angels in the shops or on TV that it's hard to get a common sense image of why people believe in them the way they do.

I tend to wince when people mention the word!

If I were to tie the belief into anything older, I'd say there's something rather Pagan in the belief that Guardian spirits can intervene to save us from harm. Fairies and Angels, or maybe Elves and Angels have a lot in common in the way they are portrayed, would you agree?
White (I don't see many Angels in other hues!), Winged, "Pure" and so on.

Many cultures believe in guardian spirits, but there's little to go on in the Bible. I think in Europe, it's residual paganism.

LSemmens - 16-8-2014 at 01:07

The Biblical description tends to indicate that they are not unlike us, however, a little more robust, and HUGE. At least that is my concept. I've not studied them closely so I may well have also been influenced by popular ideology. Interesting subject, must add it to my bucket list.