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"Christians have a moral duty to eat food that is ...
marymary100 - 21-7-2014 at 07:59

not the result of the undue suffering, unjust treatment, or human-induced premature death of sentient beings, who are clearly interested in avoiding suffering and in preserving their lives, which God explicitly stated are valuable and good."

Veggie or not?

LSemmens - 21-7-2014 at 08:46

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Katzy - 21-7-2014 at 10:11


I think your own morality comes into such things.

We struggle, quite a bit, financially. But, we usually buy free range eggs, because we think the whole "Battery chickens" thing is totally wrong.

To our delight, one of our neighbours keeps chickens and he often slips us a few eggs. Now, whilst they're not strictly free-range (Foxes prohibit that, sadly), they're well kept (We had a tour, their coop is HUGE and they have a lot of room to wander about. Their whole environment's totally laid back and quite groovy.

The eggs are the best I've ever tasted, too.!