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Art prodigy paints Jesus and heaven, as she claims she has seen them.
scholar - 11-5-2014 at 20:20

See the video in this article.

Her story is more remarkable because her mother was an atheist--she did not get her faith from her family.

The article speaks of how Jesus, in one of her paintings, matches the appearance of Jesus according to a boy who says he saw Jesus and heaven during a near-death experience.

His account has been made into a movie, "Heaven Is For Real." (Bad grammar, American child-style) I found the trailer for it interesting, too.

But, Jesus certainly looks to have a pretty light complexion for a Jewish man raised in Galilee.

John Barnes - 11-5-2014 at 22:21

Your statement begs to question, will we have skin never mind colour or even a body? as that will be left behind, who's to say what shape the spirit will take

LSemmens - 11-5-2014 at 23:05

Looks like the common perception of Jesus, I wonder.......

Nimuae - 12-5-2014 at 08:22

Looks like pushy parents cashing in to me!

scholar - 12-5-2014 at 22:12

Originally posted by LSemmens
Looks like the common perception of Jesus, I wonder.......

Actually, one theme in Christian art is to portray Jesus to look like the people of the artist, so as to make the theological point that Jesus became a human being to become like us. So Renaissance artists show Jesus with hair and beard In the style of that time and place. Asians have painted Jesus with the Asian eye folds. My wife brought into our home a picture of "Black Jesus."

marymary100 - 12-5-2014 at 22:27

He's red.

LSemmens - 13-5-2014 at 01:06

That was my point, Scholar.