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Pink Mosque
marymary100 - 22-3-2014 at 11:28

Built to the glory of God

Quaver - 22-3-2014 at 12:25

Amazing coloursshocked_yellow
I'd love to see itkewl_glasses

LSemmens - 23-3-2014 at 00:53

I would hope that, being in Iran, some idiot fringe group does not decide that this is a fair target to 'make their point'. It is beautiful! Do you know how old it is?

marymary100 - 23-3-2014 at 01:27

Not that old. Completed in 1888 according to Wiki.

LSemmens - 23-3-2014 at 02:27

Let's hope it lasts another few centuries.

Quaver - 23-3-2014 at 07:41

What are the chances that when I finally get to go there, it's cloudy and there's no sun:D