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Married man ordained as Maronite priest in Catholic church
scholar - 1-3-2014 at 20:11


Such an ordination requires approval from Rome. The article seems to say that the Pope must have been in agreement with it. The writer thinks that the Maronite group is among the most conservative of all branches of the Roman communion.

Perhaps married Roman priests will be more generally allowed in the next several decades. The unmarried rule has certainly seemed to work out with a disproportionately large number of homosexual-inclined priests, which may be why the New Testament rules for selection of clergy say that a pastor should be the husband of one wife [generally understood to mean, no more than one wife, but a single person could become a priest and may or may not marry later].

Badgergirl - 1-3-2014 at 22:18

I've know of this happen before.

Priests can't marry, but they can, with Papal dispensation be married already.

Marriage seem to have always been such a messy business before people started keeping proper written records. In England, there are so many medieval cases of
"But she was betrothed to me....AND she bedded me and NOW she's gone off and pledged marriage vows to someone else!" sort of thing.

As romantic as clandestine marriages sound, they must have caused the legal system no end of trouble!

scholar - 1-3-2014 at 23:20

Actually, some priests can marry. There was a body of churches who were in agreement with Roman teachings who joined their communion, who had been allowing their priests to marry, and they joined with the stipulation that their marriage practice would be allowed to continue.