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Christians are the world's most persecuted group--why?
scholar - 1-3-2014 at 13:01

Article here.

The article is founded on facts and well-presented.

Did you know the persecution of Christians by Muslims has increased recently?

Nimuae - 1-3-2014 at 14:44

They are probably getting their own back for the crusades !

Katzy - 1-3-2014 at 18:00

Good shout, Nim.

victor - 1-3-2014 at 22:31

I think a certain Empire might have contributed a little towards the hate as well.

scholar - 1-3-2014 at 23:32

Originally posted by Nimuae
They are probably getting their own back for the crusades !

The Crusades--when Christians tried to win back lands which were taken from them by the Muslims.

No one living suffered from the Crusades, and no one living harmed anyone during the Crusades. I suggest the reasons in the article are on point.

LSemmens - 2-3-2014 at 05:57

There are/were many things done in the "name of God" that God has no part in. The crusades were, as Scholar has intimated, an attempt to reclaim the Holy Land from the "invaders". Whether they were right, or wrong, is a matter for debate and the actions at the time must also be judged in the context of the times. Modern day warfare will most likely be viewed as equally barbaric to those of, say the 25th century.

As to the current "issues" Christianity has "grown up"and certainly does not, nor has it ever, to my knowledge, promoted the "convert or die" or the "martyr in the cause" message that seems to be promoted by the current crop of muslim Imams.