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marymary100 - 2-2-2014 at 14:54

After a long multi-faceted illness, borne with as much strength as she could muster, mum died in the middle of the night surrounded by close family and supported by medical staff in our local hospital.

It was a gentle passing without pain - being stroked and spoken to until the last moment.

As mum was very religious I would ask those of you who have faith to pray for Dorothy.

John_Little - 2-2-2014 at 17:26

So sorry, MM.

Nimuae - 2-2-2014 at 19:19

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, MM.

R.I.P. Dorothy - may angels fly you safely home.

John Barnes - 2-2-2014 at 19:50

Will say a prayer for your Mum, accept my deepest condolences .jmb

Dreamweaver - 2-2-2014 at 21:04

So Sad Mary :( I don't do prayers but my thoughts are with you and your family. R.I.P Dorothy :(

waffler - 2-2-2014 at 23:03

So sorry for your loss we will pray for your family :(

LSemmens - 3-2-2014 at 09:30

Absolutely praying for your family at this time, Mary. I had to farewell my mum about 30 years ago now, as I lived interstate, I was unable to be with her when she passed, it was sudden, but not unexpected. I did say "farewell, old friend" for that is what she was. Although I have siblings, I was many years after them and they had all left home time I was 5. My dad died when I was 3, so mum and I were it, until I moved to Darwin at 20.

marymary100 - 3-2-2014 at 16:27

Thank you all.

Quaver - 4-2-2014 at 00:04

Deepest condolences. My thoughts are with your family:(

Badgergirl - 12-2-2014 at 00:12

Rest in Peace Dorothy.

I hope you and your family are alright at this time Mary. Hugs ((Mary))