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Atheist churches--now, two "denominations" of them
scholar - 6-1-2014 at 15:07

Story here.

John_Little - 6-1-2014 at 15:16


Nimuae - 6-1-2014 at 16:42

I never knew that atheists had churches !

Badgergirl - 6-1-2014 at 19:26

I'm a big admirer of the Sunday Assembly because it doesn't seem to tolerate hardline "Religion is stupid" stance. It's not an "Aetheist" church....it's a non-religious Sunday gathering, more humanist in it's outlook.

LSemmens - 7-1-2014 at 09:39

By joining together as a group, their "God" has become the antithesis of their claims. If they were an agnostic church, however....
atheism.com explains it, but they leave out the bit about worshipping a code ie as if deity, Man U, anyone?