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Kellerman's "The Reason for God"--article
scholar - 22-3-2008 at 20:03


A centerpiece argument of Keller's response might be called the myth of secular neutrality. "Skeptics argue that they have the intellectual high ground," he says, "but they are really making assumptions as well." An absolute doubt -- claiming that all truth is culturally conditioned -- can work only if it exempts itself from doubt and assumes the cultural superiority of rationalism. Raging against evil and suffering in the world assumes a moral standard of good and evil that naturalism cannot provide. Keller argues that the main criticisms of religion require "blind faith" of their own, and he urges people to begin by doubting their doubts.

But while Keller argues that all worldviews contain assumptions of faith, reason is not futile. It may not provide proof, but it does provide clues. The fundamental regularities of the universe that improbably favor life; the artistic beauty that reaches beyond materialism; the sense of love and duty that seems so much more than evolutionary instinct -- Keller argues that only theism explains our lived experience and deepest desires. "God is the only thing that makes sense of what we love."
---- Hear, hear!

Well said.:D

Badgergirl - 23-3-2008 at 12:37

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on the issue.

I do believe faith in God can only come from personal experience of the divine, those who deny my experience have closed their minds to the possibility that I HAVE experienced something special.

LSemmens - 23-3-2008 at 12:42

Well said, BG!