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The lamb of God
marymary100 - 8-3-2008 at 20:07

Or should that be Allah? Another "sign" from God.

What signs and wonders have you experienced personally? Did you have your personal burning bush or road to Damascus?

John_Little - 8-3-2008 at 20:47


marymary100 - 8-3-2008 at 21:33

Allah got your tongue JL?

TooCute4Words - 8-3-2008 at 22:23

I think there are quite a few gullable people there, who really believe it is a sign of some kind. I actually believe it is nothing more than a coincidence. I am pretty sure I'm right.

We went to Blackpool pleasure beach the other week and we went on a ride called 'The Goldmine' http://rollercoasteruk.co.uk/Blackpool%20Goldmine.jpg

As we were only a quarter of the way through the indoor rollercoaster ride, I just had this 'brainstorm' telling me that (what if the ride broke down?)

Anyway, just a second after I had that brainstorm, the train stopped and all '18' of us were left inside and alone :o

Three men (after about 4 minutes of waiting) walked down the track and we all had to walk our way out of the ride. It is not the type of ride with big dips or anything, it is mearly a fast train which goes through a Gold mine.

Anyway, it was quite a walk and I nearly banged my head a few times, instead of ducking - as the ceiling varies in height, as we walked through. Also, I was panicking a bit, as I had steel toecaps on my boots and I was worried that the track was still electrified shocked_yellow

One of the ride operators told me that it is of a low voltage anyway. (I wasn't going to test out the theory) 'no way man' anyhow, the electric was turned off.

After 10 or so minutes, we all walked our way out of the ride.

I guess my brainstorm was a SIGN of some kind??

NO.....can't be :( It must have been an amazing coincidence, but it was indeed spooky.

marymary100 - 8-3-2008 at 22:35

The Road to Blackpool just doesn't have the same ring to it...........

scholar - 8-3-2008 at 22:43

I think that lamb will get the best of treatment for his whole life, and there will be lots of trouble if anyone, for any reason, cuts it short.

I wonder how much the owner will get for the wool?

SRD - 9-3-2008 at 09:10

Never mind the lamb of god, who's got the mint sauce?

LSemmens - 9-3-2008 at 11:52

Will anyone be game to shear it?