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Stingy husband made to pay up!
marymary100 - 4-3-2008 at 14:37

Roses Dowry

An Iranian woman has insisted on having the terms of her dowry from her "stingy" husband 10 years after they wed.

What an unusual bride price though in the first place. :)

John_Little - 4-3-2008 at 14:51

I beg your pardon
I never promised you a rose garden
Along with the sunshine.........


you dont bring me flowers.......

janet - 4-3-2008 at 15:01


John_Little - 4-3-2008 at 15:09

How appropriate! where'd that come from, Janet?

Dreamweaver - 4-3-2008 at 15:29

Originally posted by John_Little
How appropriate! where'd that come from, Janet?

It's the KF Flower girl :) one of our smilies....drop_down

marymary100 - 4-3-2008 at 15:32

I never made my husband pay the dowry. .............. Now where is that bit of paper? shocked_yellow

John_Little - 4-3-2008 at 15:32


There's loads!


marymary100 - 4-3-2008 at 15:33

Much more than certain commercial sites. ;)

John_Little - 4-3-2008 at 15:35


Ooh ah.

I was about to ask how you got to use them. And I have. Used them. By accident. Excellent.

janet - 4-3-2008 at 17:18

Originally posted by John_Little
How appropriate! where'd that come from, Janet?

Originally, it came from a site that had many, many smilies on it. Back in the day, Karl found it when I wanted a smilie that did precisely this - offered people a flower :)

scholar - 4-3-2008 at 17:42

Now you've done it, Dreamweaver. You've introduced the one person whom I have seen skip using the Test Forum to our main raft of smilies! [edit adds--I just saw that he HAS now posted in the Test Forum. He's finding more of the different rooms here.waveysmiley]

Next thing you know, he'll be accessing the Dreamweaver smilies page!

We have a thread somewhere in which TooCute4Words proposed an interpretation for each smilie on the main page.

John_Little - 4-3-2008 at 19:11

Well posted that scholar!

LSemmens - 5-3-2008 at 13:41

Now we're in trouble. Watch that man!

As for the 124000 rose dowry, it almost sounds as though the Judge has a sense of humour.