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A friend died Saturday
scholar - 11-2-2008 at 13:43

His name is Carl. He and his wife (who died a few years ago) each lived a long life.

I am sadder than I might be because I had not heard from him for many months, and I now have learned he was ill in the hospital for a time, and then was in a nursing home for a while after that (the hope had been that he would recover his strength so he could go home again). I would have visited him if I had known. It's understandable that he didn't call me (I live some distance away, and I'm not a relative).

I had just been thinking about him because his phone number and address are in the pocket notebook that I found last week. I had in mind to visit him, not knowing that he was no longer at his home.

Quaver - 11-2-2008 at 13:54


DeWitch - 11-2-2008 at 15:02

I am sorry you lost your friend

scholar - 11-2-2008 at 16:02

We usually don't know how long we have, to show we love our friends.

Dreamweaver - 11-2-2008 at 18:40

Sorry for your loss Scholar.

foxylady - 11-2-2008 at 19:02

im so sorry for your loss scolar there is too much death around at the moment we buried our father on friday then on sunday my dog died and of course you allknow about karl somehow our luck must change soon

scholar - 11-2-2008 at 21:03

Take good care of yourself as you grieve, Foxylady. Eat well, get enough sleep, get some exercise and do things. These are the kinds of things that help against unhealthy depression taking root. You've got friends here, including myself.:)

My sympathies to you.