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Using "Allah" if you're not Muslim
marymary100 - 30-12-2007 at 13:31

...........could get you banned in some countries.here.

Common sense prevailed this time.

John_Little - 30-12-2007 at 16:57

Well, personally, I dont see the need to refer to "God" at all. But I accept that it takes all sorts.

Perhaps they should use the Blues terminology for God - Eric Clapton. But I dont believe in him either.


Badgergirl - 4-1-2008 at 17:00

I got a teddy for christmas. Guess his name.

marymary100 - 4-1-2008 at 17:02


scholar - 4-1-2008 at 17:51

Originally posted by Badgergirl
I got a teddy for christmas. Guess his name.


LSemmens - 5-1-2008 at 11:23

Nah! It's Teddy!

Badgergirl - 5-1-2008 at 16:17

Originally posted by LSemmens
Nah! It's Teddy!

exactly, and naming a teddy muhammed would be insulting!

His name is Allah Yahweh.