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Tension in prayer
janet - 15-12-2007 at 00:46

I'm speaking mainly from a Christian perspective, but that's no reason to limit the discussion to that bent...

Victor mentioned something in another thread that I am shamelessly taking to start a new one.

It seems to me that Christians often feel torn between the various uses of prayer and how it may be done. Note, here, I'm not asking for anyone to tell other people how it *should* be done - I don't think one person can do that for another. Rather, I'm offering a discussion thread in which people can muse... :)

There is the idea that everything we need, is already known by God, before we even know about our need. And that God is a loving God, who will answer all the needs which need answering.

On the other hand, we are told to ask for what we need.

Admittedly, I would see prayer of petition as the last form of prayer, in the commonly used mnemonic, ACTS - Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, Supplication.

But it's still there....

What think thee?

marymary100 - 15-12-2007 at 01:09

I feel that I have a personal relationship with God and because of my upbringing, I do not use formal prayers as say a Muslim would.

I pray every day and in my "conversation" try to be clear about what I "want" and "need". Often though, it is my interpretation of what I need that is flawed.

victor - 15-12-2007 at 08:59

To help I have placed here a copy of the post which Janet makes reference to.

Originally posted by marymary100
I pray for anyone who requests it


Say one for me please.

While I do pray for others I never think it is right to ask the lord for things for yourself but forgiveness.

marymary100 - 15-12-2007 at 11:25

I did last night Victor. The "conversation" was mainly about KF posters. ;)

LSemmens - 15-12-2007 at 14:37

There are many verses in the Bible that are very specific about how, and for what we should pray, but the "Lord's Prayer" is, perhaps, the best known and oft quoted prayer. A study of the prayer gives a very good outline of how our personal prayers should be.

1: The form of address - to whom are we praying
"Our Father, which art in Heaven"
2: Praise and Adoration for who He is
"Hallowed be thy Name"
3: Submission to His authority
"Thy kingdom come"
"Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven"
4: Request for our needs
"Give us this day our daily bread"
5: Repentance and actions as a result of our repentance
"And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us"
6: Request for protection
"And lead us not into temptation"
"But deliver us from evil"
7: Acknowledgement of His final authority in all things and praise for who he is.
"For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen "

Badgergirl - 16-12-2007 at 00:52

When I pray it is never in a formal way at all. My Lady and lord do not need acts of poetry! Especially someone else's poetry that doesn't come from my heart.

I never pray outloud, unless it is in a spell, to enhance the meaning of it. (Rhythm can help in these cases)

I never pray so that anyone would hear or notice. It's hard to expliain exactly why though, I'd have to resort to sayiing "It's so as not to appear pious"