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"Iranian Schindler"
marymary100 - 30-11-2007 at 19:49

A step in the right direction

Quaver - 30-11-2007 at 20:02

I wonder if they might show it here.
Kind of reminds me of Japanese Schindler

scholar - 30-11-2007 at 20:37

A more important step in the right direction would to stop producing the plutonium isotope of the kind of concentration and purity that is only used for plutonium nuclear bombs, but which is not necessary for non-weapon energy production.

Redwolf5150 - 30-11-2007 at 21:10

Or we will be forced to "Nuke them until they glow then shoot them in the Dark" as some friends of mine in Special Forces want to do.


victor - 30-11-2007 at 21:17

The idea that the US is about to splinter apart is a piece of wishful thinking quite widely shared here in Iran.

It might be in the case of USA, but Great Britain.