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Happy Birthday Paul
JackInCT - 27-1-2018 at 18:10

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A kangaroo named Paul has become the oldest living tree kangaroo in the country.

Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence says the Matschie's tree kangaroo turned 23 years, three months and four days old on Friday.

The zoo says it knows of no other male tree kangaroo to reach this age anywhere.

Paul has good genes. His mother lived to age 27 at the zoo in Miami.

To celebrate, Paul may get extra sweet potatoes, his favorite.

Paul retired two years ago so he's kept in a habitat that's closed to the public.

The zoo says Matschie's tree kangaroos are native to Papua New Guinea and live to about 8 years old in the wild or 14 years old in captivity.

Me Here: I swear that face reminds me of some politician but I just can't seem to put a name with the face.

scholar - 27-1-2018 at 18:56

What is the advantage to keeping an old tree kangaroo in a habitat closed to the public?

Operating a zoo is an expensive business, with environmental control, medical care for the animals, healthy diets for each kind of animal, etc. I would think the celebrity status of the oldest captive kangaroo might bring in more money (perhaps post-cards with your picture phot0shopped in, or other sourvenirs).

sceptre - 27-1-2018 at 20:38

Keeping the old fellow from being stressed would be one consideration . Modern zoos do a lot more than making money and entertaining joe public , like survival of an endangered species just one of their aims .

JackInCT - 27-1-2018 at 22:08

Originally posted by scholar
What is the advantage to keeping an old tree kangaroo in a habitat closed to the public?

Let me add fuel to your fire.

I sense in the eyes of this creature a profound sense of sadness that evokes a feeling of pathos in me.

I feel safe in presuming that his enforced retirement was a unilateral, non-negotiable decision on the part of his owners who did not consult with him (him: he's a Paul so lets all hope they got that right) re his views on what should rightfully be seen as a life changing moment not only in his environs but his lifestyle as well.

It can safely be presumed that when he lived in a display open to the public, he possessed, as he does in the pix, a superabundance of cuteness that evoked a daily barrage of ohs & ahs that he feasted on re his self-image, etc.,. It would also be in the realm of possibilities that day and day out he heard his audience say out loud that they wished they could take him home with them.

Overnight his "visitor-friends" vanished.

Anthropomorphizing Paul, I sense that he would prefer an early grave (I presume that extending his life span was the reason for the move to the enclosure) rather than moving to the isolation of the equivalent of a kangaroo nursing home. And IF he left behind a mate, children.....

marymary100 - 27-1-2018 at 22:59

Good grief. Survival instincts tend to overcome unhappiness in animals.

John_Little - 28-1-2018 at 00:23

What's that Skippy? Happy birthday to who?

LSemmens - 28-1-2018 at 02:29

NOT everything is about money. Paul deserves a good retirement.