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An Iranian Family Just Kidding Around Pix
JackInCT - 2-6-2017 at 12:35

Iranian Family Just Kidding Around Pix

Attribution: Tale Zang, Iran; May 05, 2017
Photog: Jean-Marc Frybourg uploaded to railpictures.net

Apparently in Iran, a goat herd has the right of way over a freight train. The pix ID caption didn't state whether the goats were about to climb that rock face on the right side of the pix.

Safe bet that this is a shepherd's (or herder as the case may be) family; the older gent on the left is giving that black kid a free ride.

The young boy could be anyone's child anywhere in the western world re choice of attire.

They don't look any too dangerous/threatening to me, but then again I'm not an American politician.

LSemmens - 3-6-2017 at 04:25

I would think that the train would have had right of way, only because, time the driver saw the kids on the track and applied the brakes, all they'd be good for would be yiros. The train looks like it might be actually stationary in the loading yard. The door to the cabin on the left of the train is open, too, so probably, no driver.

Quaver - 3-6-2017 at 14:52

That rock face looks steep. I wonder what attracted the goats thereconfused2 Water in the ditch?