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So I was driving home from work...
Redwolf5150 - 30-4-2016 at 03:44

[bad img]http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a224/redwolf5150/160426-1_0014%20Osprey%20Family%20Portrait_zps7nruy4df.jpg[/badimg]

"And, while you were out gallivanting around Oneida County flirting with all the single osprey ladies, I've been stuck here in the cold wind incubating YOUR DAMN CHILDREN! You no good worthless waste of feathers!"

marymary100 - 30-4-2016 at 07:40

Ah, marriage. I remember it well...:D

waffler - 1-5-2016 at 03:04

Would you like some Cheese with that Whine :D