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Michael Phelps, Olympic champion swimmer--will he compete again?
scholar - 20-5-2013 at 01:00


Phelps reportedly has not retracted his announcement that he has retired from swimming--but the reporter says he thinks his information is good.

If Phelps competes and does not win any medals (or even, if he takes bronze in a few events), another Olympics could be anti-climatic. But, if he would get a silver or gold. . .

Wouldn't he make more money from endorsement and advertising deals?

Would you like to see him compete again?

(He has ADD, so I like to see him as a success story for those so afflicted.)

LSemmens - 20-5-2013 at 12:28

His prerogative, if he wants to compete, he has to go through the qualifying process like everyone else.