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Meanwhile, at 10:30 p.m...
Redwolf5150 - 7-4-2013 at 15:07

At the eastern edge of Lincoln County, Wisconsin, USA.

[bad img]http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a224/redwolf5150/4413-1_0068CtyLineRoadatHiJ_zpsbdf1098e.jpg[/bad img]

Borrowed my step-daughter's Canon Rebel T3, which has a more sensitive sensor than my 40D, put it on a tripod, and made it do something people don't use that model for because they don't think it's capable of it.

This image proves it IS capable.

marymary100 - 7-4-2013 at 15:18


LSemmens - 7-4-2013 at 22:59

You need to clean the lens a bit! There;s lots of little white dots all over it, what did she use it for? Painting?nananana

Redwolf5150 - 11-4-2013 at 16:29

I'm still trying to decide if that line on the right side is a scratch on the lens or a shooting star.


LSemmens - 12-4-2013 at 03:17

BTW RW, can you give us more info? ISO, Apeture, time, Lens etc..

Nimuae - 12-4-2013 at 08:17

Definitely a shooting star !

John_Little - 12-4-2013 at 10:33

Paint your pallet blue and grey.

Redwolf5150 - 12-4-2013 at 16:30

Originally posted by LSemmens
BTW RW, can you give us more info? ISO, Apeture, time, Lens etc..

Camera was on a tripod. ISO 6400, f/8 for 30 seconds (last setting before bulb on this model) using an 18-55mm IS lens.

LSemmens - 12-4-2013 at 22:57

Thanks mate. It might be nice to add that info to the photos you post here to help us amateurs improve our photography skills.......Now to work out how to set that shot up on my iPhone.............;)waveysmiley