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Snow picture gallery
marymary100 - 27-11-2010 at 15:28


giron - 27-11-2010 at 17:15

It's all very nice sitting indoors looking at the pictures, but it's the going outside bit that I'm not too keen on.

That said, we haven't had much snow in Coventry, yet.

victor - 27-11-2010 at 20:13

Woke up to a dusting of it this side of the city.

Bloomin cold again -4.9c at the moment.

giron - 27-11-2010 at 20:18

I'd certainly be worried if I was a brass monkey.

crikey - 27-11-2010 at 22:32

As the brass monkey said, "it's not those frozen bits - it's when some rotten git pulls on the other bit to try to make them go "clang, clang""!!

LSemmens - 28-11-2010 at 10:58

Pity the poor bloke in this picture! I'm sure RW would have given him a nice toddy to warm him up a bit before taking such a photo!

victor - 28-11-2010 at 12:03

Coldest November night on record they say, midday and its -1.8C here.