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Uploading photos
marymary100 - 8-5-2009 at 20:34

First of all resize your photo to the size allowed by the site (around 600px on the longest side - under 200k) and save as a j-peg with an easily recognisable title such as KF1.

Open the full version of "reply to thread" Post reply or "post new thread" New topic and post your comment first. The comment needs to be at least one character long.

Now click on "browse" then "pictures" then select "KF1" and attach by clicking on the "open" button.

This should work.

marymary100 - 8-5-2009 at 20:39


marymary100 - 8-5-2009 at 20:40

for example

Snowy - 9-5-2009 at 07:39

Thanks for that Mary, I think I have just about mastered the technique now but I did struggle at first.
I hope Bear reads this and soon gets to grips with it, I bet he has got some good photo's to share with us, I liked his steam train.

marymary100 - 9-5-2009 at 08:42

It was just in case anyone wasn't sure.

marymary100 - 9-5-2009 at 13:29

Another way is to upload your photo on a hosting site such as "Tinypic" which once you upload your photo to them will give you an image code so that we can all see the photo without it taking having to be resized under 200k.

For example (and if you press quote for this post you'll see the coding for a tinypic uploaded photo or just hover your cursor over the photo)

[bad img]http://i40.tinypic.com/2u4sqxf.jpg[/bad img]

marymary100 - 9-5-2009 at 13:32

Stickied for a week so BG can upload pics for the first time to try it out.