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Guess what OUR Daddy does for a living
Redwolf5150 - 28-11-2008 at 20:00

Shot a series of portraits of these two little girls at their father's place of employment.

Can you guess what he does for a living?

[bad img]http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a224/redwolf5150/GabbieHanah1.jpg[/bad img]

The images are for a Christmas card they are sending out.


Dreamweaver - 28-11-2008 at 20:38

We call them Firemen over here :)

marymary100 - 28-11-2008 at 20:39

Lovely girls. :)

scholar - 29-11-2008 at 05:07

Originally posted by Dreamweaver
We call them Firemen over here :)
I think we call them firefighters. I don't know if the females would object to being called firemen or not.:)

LSemmens - 29-11-2008 at 12:34

Mah! You're all wrong! He's the cleaner! nananana

Redwolf5150 - 29-11-2008 at 15:28

Nope, he's a firefighter/paramedic

If I had posted THIS one first

[bad img]http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a224/redwolf5150/test2-4x6.jpg[/bad img]

It would have been too easy.


scholar - 29-11-2008 at 18:29

The jacket looks a little large on the girl on the left.:D

Redwolf5150 - 30-11-2008 at 03:48

75 pounds of gear on a 3-year old will look a little large.


(It wasn't MY idea to dress them up in the turnout coats!)