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Stepping into the BIG LEAGUES
Redwolf5150 - 30-7-2008 at 14:49

Sometime in the next 36 hours, I will be submitting 10 images for consideration to Photoshelter.

If I am accepted, I will be able to submit images to them for possible license to publications, magazines, newspapers, BOOKS! Eventually it will be where both my music and artistic images reside, plus any news images that might find a sale on the secondary market.

Jackie and I are trying to get it down to 10 of the proper size (they want BIG images) that show what I can do as a photographer.

NO MORE THAN 10!!!!!!!!!!!!

The potential for licensing fees is INCREDIBLE as Photoshelter is one of the big stock services.

And the beauty is, for 30% of the sale, they will handle everything for me, the negotiations, collecting the money, etc. It's like having an agent to do stuff for me that I find distasteful (the business side creeps me out, Jackie is trying to handle it.)

Part of my move to make my photography work more professional. It's also step one in our move to a larger web presence (a TailWind Imaging website is planned).

For now, we have the tough decision of WHICH 10 pictures from the last year or so?

Not easy.

We'll keep the Photoreflect site for portrait/wedding sales and to sell art prints. But the music has to come off.


janet - 30-7-2008 at 14:50

Good luck! :)

LSemmens - 30-7-2008 at 15:33

Go for it RW! Just remember your friends when you are famous! waveysmiley

Redwolf5150 - 1-8-2008 at 03:47

Uploading 10 images right now.

Not a single flower in the bunch and there's a reason for that (Subject of another thread).

Cross your fingers that five of the 10 meet muster and my account is activated.

THEN the fun will REALLY begin!


Redwolf5150 - 1-8-2008 at 05:02

Application submitted.

Now I have to wait up to five business days before I hear.


LSemmens - 1-8-2008 at 14:01

Eyes crossed!

Quaver - 1-8-2008 at 14:03

Good luck!
[bad img]http://mashby.com/images/posts/lucky_clover.gif[/bad img]

Redwolf5150 - 6-8-2008 at 04:49

Update on Aug. 6.

No response yet.

Not worried, too busy chasing a different rabbit down a different photographic money hole at the moment anyway.


It will happen because my Karmic Balance is swinging.

I can feel it!


marymary100 - 6-8-2008 at 08:03

I hope it goes as planned for you. :)

LSemmens - 7-8-2008 at 14:27

Don't wprry about your Karmic balance, as long as your colour balance is right! ouch)

Redwolf5150 - 7-8-2008 at 17:31

Received my Canon Professional Services membership kit in the mail at work yesterday!

Anything happens to the 40D (or any Canon camera I buy after it, which will be pro grade to be sure) and I get expedited repairs at 20% off.

I also get to borrow pro level gear for two weeks to "try it before I buy it." which I'm gonna use to see if the 70-200mm F2.8 is really all that.

(I already know the answers from friends but never used one myself.)

Yet another line scratched off my "checklist."


LSemmens - 8-8-2008 at 13:01

Oh! Well done, that man! Give yourself a pat on the back! Tell me when you need to come down under and I might even arrange to find somewhere for you to use your toys...... for a fee, of course!

Redwolf5150 - 9-8-2008 at 14:49

Receved this email late yesterday afternoon:

Dear James,

Congratulations! Our editors have reviewed your application and are thrilled to welcome you as a contributing member to the PhotoShelter Collection.

Thank you for becoming a contributor to PhotoShelter.

We have soft-rejected one or more of your images for one or more of the following reasons:
- Image was submitted to the wrong image collection (News+/Creative).
- Image caption is insufficient.
- We detected technical problems with the image.

Please refer to the notes attached to each image for details on the problem and information on how it may be resolved. Notes can be viewed in full by visiting your INCOMING IMAGES area, double-clicking the image in question, and then clicking the FILE INFO button.

Thanks again for submitting - we look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

Your acceptance means that some or all of your images have been accepted into the Collection and are awaiting your further action to make them available for sale.

Please log into your PhotoShelter account to keyword and price your images and make them live to the site, as well as upload and submit additional images for review. You can log into your account here:

Link removed

Also, there is no need to re-submit your application images - anything that we accepted will already be loaded into your account. Please check all of your My Images tabs for approved, soft rejected and rejected images. Soft rejects will be in your Incoming Images tab.

Thanks again for joining us, we are excited to be working together!

All the Best,

The PhotoShelter Team

Now to fix the soft rejections (incomplete captions) and get some more images up there that might sell.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I think my overall Karmic Balance is shifting toward the good.

I could use a steady stream of good luck, or just good things I work hard to have come out as a plus.


LSemmens - 10-8-2008 at 11:50

Again, well done, that man, looks like your colour balance is right too! I hope, and pray, that this is the start of something big for you! Congratulations!

Redwolf5150 - 11-9-2008 at 18:34


Just the way my luck is running lately.

They announced that as of Oct. 10, they will be getting out of the managed stock image business.

I can still use them for storage, marketing, etc. of my images.

They just won't do the business end for me anymore.