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Photo Salon 16 - New
Quaver - 3-1-2008 at 13:19

Anything new;)
Deadline Sunday 13thwaveysmiley

Quaver - 17-1-2008 at 17:30

Due to severe unpopularity of the subject, the Photo Salon 16 is now cancelled:(

The new title for the Photo Salon 16 is: Animalwaveysmiley
New deadline: Sunday 27th January.

marymary100 - 17-1-2008 at 18:14

I'm sorry Quaver. I was otherwise engaged and the camera's been having a rest.

Quaver - 17-1-2008 at 18:25

Time to get back to shooting methinks;)

I invite the KF newbies as well! You can enter as many photos as you like so long as you are the original photographer. Doesn't even have to be new photos either.

Photos will be judged by moi, and the winner gets to host the next salon with their subject of their choice (ie open a new thread:D)

SRD - 17-1-2008 at 18:43

Sorry Quaver, MrsSRD is the photographer in our family.

Quaver - 17-1-2008 at 19:05

Never too late to start SRD:D
Does MrsSRD want to join Karlsforums?

Redwolf5150 - 17-1-2008 at 20:46

Until we get my assistant news editor hired (HOPEFULLY the lady being interviewed by the owners/publishers as I type this) I barely have time to do the photography I have to do for the paper. The wrestler image in the other photo thread came about from a paper shoot.


Redwolf5150 - 7-5-2009 at 01:30

We need to unstick this one and let it drop into oblivion!

Faolan - 7-5-2009 at 13:01

It's not sticky ;) I've locked the thread.