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My son would like to join KF
scholar - 3-7-2015 at 11:16

If my memory is correct, he cannot join the old-fashioned way, which was turned off because bots (and perhaps others) were joining just to post adverts/spam. Is this understanding correct?

Can u2u s or e-mail communication, coupled with some moderator or admin intervention into the system, get him started?

I am willing to pass info from him or to him, in my own e-mails or u2u or posts, to help him log on.

He has an iPod from which he will be able to post, and he does have an e-mail account.

LSemmens - 3-7-2015 at 11:38

Dot, IIRC is the only one to permit new members at this stage. Shoot her a message asking what she needs.

marymary100 - 3-7-2015 at 14:17

DW is the only one allowing new posters these days. kewl_glasses

Quaver - 3-7-2015 at 14:38

Very exclusive club:)

John_Little - 3-7-2015 at 14:50

Its to keep the riff raff in.

marymary100 - 3-7-2015 at 14:52