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Slow tonight...
Daz - 2-3-2009 at 23:14

Very slow tonight, just thought I'd tell thee... (See timestamps)

Any pages, and any which way... Whether it's to read, or to reply...

And sods law dictates, that the submittal of this post flew along! Lol

But not the edit....! Lol

marymary100 - 2-3-2009 at 23:50

Broken link messages as well.

waffler - 3-3-2009 at 00:05

where are most members located , as time is a big factor ie most members in the us are just getting online after work as for the aussies dunno what time it is there . :cool::cool::cool:

LSemmens - 3-3-2009 at 14:53

It's now 1:21 AM here, and was not even crawling until Midnight! I suspect that it musta been sommat major somewhere as most of my web sites would not load, yet my ISP home page loaded fine and did not report any outages.