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Can The Audio Track Of A Pop Up Webpage Video Be Automatically Muted
JackInCT - 30-5-2016 at 16:01

In humanity's never ending battle with the black forces of websites dictating (of the 'ask no quarter, give no quarter type') to an end user what they should view as popups despite the liberal use of popup blockers, flash blockers, etc., I have found that the latest HTML 'upgrades' to some websites is that the popup/flash blockers hardly work.

In particular, my motivation for posting this topic is that whenever I'm listening to music on my PC's speakers, the audio from the popup 'blends' (is added to) the audio in with my music, and even hitting the audio mute button on the popup that I can see, is insufficient, i. e., there are other popup videos that immediately begin playing (many of which are scattered all over the place on the webpage).

Has anyone, (1) found a setting(s) in any of the popular browsers that, when turned off/disabled, effectively result in muting the audio portion of a video on a webpage?, (2) any Plan B ideas???

John_Little - 31-5-2016 at 08:52

The most annoying one is the one that tells you your computer is about to die unless you ring a certain number.

LSemmens - 31-5-2016 at 09:58

What about turning the volume down in the mixer? Right click on your volume icon and select open volume mixer. There you should be able to kill the sound from your browser.

Katzy - 31-5-2016 at 10:03

I've never used Chrome. But, apparently, it has a "Mute tab" feature, if that's of any use.

Opera, of course, has such options in "Site preferences".

Me? I have my audio muted, coz it seems the easiest option, sadly. Before I took that route, if a website had sound, I simply left it.