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Windoze 10 Networking issue
LSemmens - 22-1-2016 at 07:50

Crazy setup. I have 4 PCs in my W10 network all are supposed to be able see and share with one another. All PCs can view data from our media server. I can see and access wife's PC from lappy, but the media server cannot seem to access wife's pc. Her PC requests a username/password ONLY for the media server. NONE of the machines have password protected sharing enabled.

The media server was able to access wife's machine and the only thing that has changed have been as a result of Windoze Updates. I've compared settings with lappy and server, and the only difference here is the fact that the server and wife are both connected via ethernet and the lappy and office machine are connected by WIFI. As I said - can see server from the network - can see wife from network, just cannot access wife ONLY from one machine.

John_Little - 22-1-2016 at 09:30

Another problem I had was sending music files to a bluetooth receiver. It said I was connected but insisted on playing the files on the laptop. I tried iTunes direct sound like what the instructions said, but to no avail.