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InBoxAce toolbar
scholar - 11-7-2014 at 00:54

I came home to the sight of IE open on my wife's computer, with a window announcing "Congratulations! You have successfully installed the InBoxAce toolbar." Ruby says she did it accidentally.

It appears to be an e-mail facilitator program, with buttons on it to connect to g-mail, yahoo mail, etc.

I may want to remove it, if for no other reason than to save space on the hard drive. But, we don't use IE anyway, so it may not make much difference to us other than the hard drive space (it won't be running in the background when we use other browsers, using system resources and slowing us down, as it would if we used IE). i wonder if it's worth the trouble to remove.

Who can offer me knowledge and advice on this?

waffler - 11-7-2014 at 01:22

Control Panel add remove :)

LSemmens - 11-7-2014 at 03:07



scholar - 11-7-2014 at 18:30

Today, before I got to KF, my Avast! virus protection software announced that it had detected 3 browser add-ons with a bad reputation, and offered to remove them. I gave it the go-ahead, and it reports they have been removed. It was the InBoxAce toolbar and two others.

I started using Avast! when I was told about it here at KF.