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iPhone iPads being held to ransom
marymary100 - 27-5-2014 at 19:47

Article - hackers using lock feature

"Currently there is only speculation about how the attacks have been carried out. Apple has not yet responded officially," it says.
"With the possibility that this attack is linked to your ‘Apple ID’, affected users are advised to change your Apple ID password as soon as possible.
"It is not confirmed if or how these Apple IDs and passwords were accessed, but suggestions include that hackers may be simply reusing information they may have discovered during a breach of other online services. Unfortunately, many people still commonly reuse the same password for many of their online accounts. "

LSemmens - 28-5-2014 at 00:50

Bit slow tonight, mary...I've already done it!;)

marymary100 - 28-5-2014 at 05:59

Okay. You're presuming I knew what your link was about. Didn't know it led to the same article. mybad.

LSemmens - 29-5-2014 at 00:36

I wasn't presuming anything, just giving you a hard time. I've been picking on John and Charles a bit lately and just thought I'd spread the wealth around. kewl_glasses