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Firefox new tab
scholar - 25-5-2014 at 14:37

In my Firefox browser, I would like to open a new tab to something like "speed dial" on Opera. It seems to me that, when I first used Firefox on Ruby's computer, and I opened a new tab with the intention of picking a new web site, it "suggested" a few sites by displaying screen shots from a few of the sites I often go to. I would then click on one of them (there were usually no more than about 4-6 choices).

My Firefox slowed down after some months, and I got a suggestion to restore Firefox to something more like its original condition. I did so, and it did speed up. But now, when I click on the plus sign to start a new tab page, it goes to some search engine page (not displaying my former "do-you-want-one-of-these-you-often-visit" page).

How do I get what I had before, O Firefox users?

LSemmens - 26-5-2014 at 01:26

Speed dial is indeed available for firefox, I use it.
It is available as an add-on, so click on tools add-ons and search for it. To set it as your home page, once it is installed, just ensure that you are on the speed dial page in the browser and then you can click on tools options, general tab, and then set use current pages.
the home page address should then look something like


scholar - 26-5-2014 at 16:57

I did followed your instructions to get the add-on, and the instructions which Firefox gave me, but I haven't succeeded in getting it to become my home page when I open a new tab with the plus sign.:(

waffler - 27-5-2014 at 00:01

Tools Options

LSemmens - 27-5-2014 at 04:21

Cut and paste the link that I put in my post.