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Opera 10 - Final
Faolan - 1-9-2009 at 08:52

Has been released:

Opera 10

What's new

Daz - 1-9-2009 at 09:08

Yabba dabba do....!


Ta Faolan.

Daz - 2-9-2009 at 01:45

Liking it, works fab on Vista, XP and Ubuntu.

Not sure which spell check I prefer, the one built in to v10, or my old ASpell addon, either way, it works well.

Feels much nippier, nice GUI feel. Speeddial now easily tweaked, rather than doing it by hand, which is nice too.

Facebook still seems to have issues, but that's no big deal, as I've become accustomed to switching to FF for that anyway. OSIE Tool (Config backup) works well still. (For us lazy sods!)

Quite like the permanent (if wanted) thumbnail option too, that'll be very handy on certain sites.

Opera remains King in my world. kewl_glasses