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Trouble with Website and Firefox
Mick Johnson - 26-6-2009 at 21:19

Whenever I go to Download.com Firefox will stop working within a few clicks...every time.

I have to close it and restart. It only ever happens with this one particular website.

It's ok with IE.

Daz - 26-6-2009 at 22:14

Just checked it Mick, clicking many times, all over the place, and it's working ok for me in FF 3.11, I'd hazard a guess it'll be a Flash Plugin issue... Though TBH I've not bothered to check Google for any links to further info...

Is Flash/Shockwave installed and up to date?

Mick Johnson - 26-6-2009 at 22:17

Originally posted by Daz

Is Flash/Shockwave installed and up to date?

Installed but i'll have to check if it's up to date.

Mick Johnson - 26-6-2009 at 22:26

I do have the latest Flash player.

Just uninstalled it and reinstalled and it still stops working.

It actually says 'stopped' in the bottom left corner. It does this after about 4/6 clicks in Download .com

Daz - 26-6-2009 at 22:30

Hmm... Bugger! ;)

Try using the Adobe uninstallers, reboot, and install the IE and FF plugins... All available HERE

I rarely use FF, but could it be a popup blocker thing? Or it's possible your security apps are blocking something on the page/s. What do you use?

Mick Johnson - 26-6-2009 at 22:37

Oh dear, it was as simple as enabling cookies.:)

I always browse with cookies disabled and just allow odd ones for forums etc.

I got no message telling me to enable cookies so never gave it a thought.

Thank's anyway Daz........

Daz - 26-6-2009 at 23:40

Hehe, glad you're sorted mate.